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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Internet Celebrities Who Are Doing It Right


So as you may know, a lot of youtube celebrities and vine stars have become know for being bad people. I am not going to name any ones in particular, but I would like to say that this stereotype for internet celebrities is terrible. So, if you are like me and are sick of finding people hate and discriminate on the internet, I have made a list of you tubers who will make you feel good.

1) The Third Pew

The Third Pew is one of those people who understands and respects morals. Many of his videos are intended to make you laugh, but also a handful talk about serious topics. He is best known for his response to Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and JC Caylen's video about 'What they look for in girls' which you can watch here:

2) Savannah Brown

Savannah Brown is a true genius with words. Although she does not have a lot of videos, the ones she does have are really beautifully crafted. She is best known for her slam poem about loving yourself which you can fine here:

3) IISuperwomanII

IISuperwomanII is one of my all time favourites. Majority of her videos are made for comedy purposes, which achieve all their goals and every single one of them is hysterical. She also on the occasion does inspiring videos, but for the majority, she is a comedian.

A funny video:

An inspiring video:

4) OnlyLeigh

OnlyLeigh is a phenomenal cartoon artist that makes a wide variety of gut busting short cartoons that are mostly fandom related. She is also the creator of one of my favourite all time youtube clips, mean elves, which you can watch here:

5) Vlogbrothers
Vlogbrothers consist of brother John and Hank Green (yes, THE Hank Green from Hank Green and The Perfect Strangers, and yes, THE John Green, the writer of TFIOS, Looking For Alaska, and many more great books). They make short videos that are educational, inspiring, and hilarious all at the same time.

One of John's videos:

One of Hank's videos:

I need to go read a book,
See you later.