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Monday, 22 December 2014

Geekview: The Imitation Game


  Today I went to see the Imitation Game. As I wrote out its title, my heart started beating a little faster. 

  Overall, the movie was beautiful.

  Benedict throws aside the physical attraction that may have won your heart previously, and puts on the face of a loveable genius, who you feel for every step of the way. This movie had me laughing my heart out, sitting on the edge of my seat, and bawling into my two shaking hands, all at the same time.     Although Benedict is playing a brilliant character such as the others he has played before, Alan Turing is unlike any character you've ever seen before. 

  The story follows three story lines: Turning's childhood (past), Turning during the war, and Turning after the war. Each story touched every emotion, as you watched the Alan's character develop all things big and small such as the way he speaks and the way he treats others. You suffer tragedies, celebrate great victory, and find heartache on his journey. During the movie, Turing has to keep many secrets.

  Turning also brings light to many humans rights issues, as he hires a female to do a 'man's job', and is a homosexual.

  I'm not going to go on further so I don't spoil anything.

  In the end, you leave the theatre knowing Alan Turing is a real hero.

Also this is the 100th post, woohoo!

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