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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Let's Have Halloween on Christmas: Lewis' Ultimate Guide To Not Be Scared While Watching Horror Movies

I was listening to one of my favourite Blink-182 songs, 'I Miss You', when I heard the lyric 'And we'll have halloween on Christmas'. I thought about how it feels like Halloween was only yesterday, even though it's almost the new year. So in honour of a great band, and of me completely denying the fact that it's almost 2015, I decided to make this post a throw back to Halloween.

When I think of Halloween I think of horror movies. The idea of this is great to some people, but intimidating to others, and as someone who isn't totally cool with horror movies, I thought I would make:

Lewis' Ultimate Guide To Not Be Scared While Watching Horror Movies

1) Happy Music
What I find the most scary about horror movies is the suspense. I'm fine with the gore and all that, but when they use scary music to build up to the scares, I get more scared about what's going to happen, then I am scared when it actually happens. Something I thought that might help you with this is to play happy music quietly to divert your attention.
When looking for good music you are looking for a few key things:
-No sad music
-No screaming
-Nothing live
-Something with happy lyrics
-Upbeat tempo
-Basic/genuine voices
-No creepy instrumentals
-A song you actually like
Some kinds of music that you could look for are:
-Things with 4 on the floor beats
-Pop (good pop, of course)

I made a playlist to get some ideas:

2) I'm not sure what movie watching systems you can do this on but you can sure do it on Netflix. Scroll through the whole movie quickly, and mentally take note at times where you see something that might scare you, so you can casually look away.

Me scrolling throughout the Princess Bride on the small screen (yes I am watching the Princess Bride, even though it's not a horror movie)

3) Don't watch it when you're alone!

4) Don't watch right before you go to sleep, because that's when you tend to me most paranoid.

5) Check to see if you have any appliances running such as a dryer, washer, dishwasher, ect. If one of these are on and you are not aware of this, it makes it more creepy when you hear them. All these appliances make noise, and if you don't know where the noise is coming from, your imagination tends to kick in.

6) Don't watch in complete silence.

and finally...

7) Watch the movie because you want to watch it. 

That's all!
Have a happy and safe new year.

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