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Saturday, 6 December 2014

💙 Blue eyes 💙

Hello nerds. Okay, so this isn't a regular nerdy post, but it does contain nerdy actors. Also, this post contains pictures that may make you want to bury your face into a pillow and never come out. So be warned. 

I watch a lot of TV. And movies. And every time I see an actor with blue eyes, I always point it out. So I decided to compile all these actors with eyes like a freaking glacier. Enjoy. 

Chris Pine. Like, bluer than blue. Galaxy blue. Seriously. 

Elijah Wood. Baby cotton blue. Like icicles. On his face. 

James Marsden. Fricking blue. Oceans captured in his pupils. Augh. 

Misha Collins. Heavenly blue. Okay I need a second here lemme calm down. 

Phil Lester. *breathes heavily*. Too blue. Can't do it. Goddamn why are blue eyes so cute? 

James McAvoy. *slams head on pillow and screams softly*. 

Haha. Alright. But really. Why are they so cute? I don't know. No one knows. But then there's this fucker: 
What are they? Green? Blue? Silver? It is unknown. 

Clara \\// 

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