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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Some Merlin Pictures That Will Bring Back Memories

*starts Harry Potter flashbacks* When it was confirmed Warwick David can do anything

When you realized how blind Arthur is when it comes to Merlin *flashbacks to Clara's 'Obvious Harry' post*

When this became a ship (which I don't ship at all)

When GwenxArthur's sexual tension was too much to handle

When his eyes were bluer than the sea

When 'The Tears of Uther Pendragon' looked an awful lot like 'The Two Towers'

When Merlin's dad looked way too much like Thorin

When you realized the dragon betrayed you

When her eyeliner was better than yours (*cough* do you mean all the time?)

When they rid majestically off into the sunset


When your brain went: "wait omg"

When Gwen's derps were better than yours

When he became your favourite character for about an episode

When Cenred had better hair than you (that little flirt)

When Arthur became a meme (I think Gwaine is way better than Lancelot, don't shoot me)

Thats all!
Thanks to all our nerds out there!
Keep being you and never change!

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