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Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Perks of Being a [Fictional Species]: The Lord of The Rings (Part 1)

So, I had this idea called 'The Perks Of Being A [Fictional Species]." Basically, I would list the reasons of why it would be utterly grand to be said fictional species. Today, I am going to discuss the benefits of a few various Lord Of The Rings species, but if you all like this concept, I will continue and do Doctor Who Species, Harry Potter Species, maybe Clara will do Supernatural Species, and many more~ (Note 'Lord of The Rings' also includes The Hobbit, for the sake of this post)

Enough stalling, let's get to it:

-Bad ass AND extremely attractive.
-All the lembas bread you could ask for.
-If you're a Mirkwood elf, Thranduil is your king. 
-You can speak elvish.
-Orc killer extreme.
-The outfits are gorgeous.
-Legolas or Kili might fall in love with you.
-You live for as long as you want unless you are slain.
-Elves only love once, so your partner will never cheat on you.
-You don't sink in snow.
-Perfect hair. Everyday. All. The. Time. Always.

-Beard game too strong.
-Hot dwarves are considered ugly in dwarfish culture so the most attractive ones aren't considered attractive by other dwarves.
-Life is a party.
-Lot's of Ale.
-Lots and lots of Ale.
-You don't eat green food. Basically a carnivore.
-Lots of gold.
-Thorin Oakenshield likely doesn't despise you.

-Literally the cutest race ever.
-You get to live in the Shire.
-Life is carefree and cute.
-You get to eat 6+ times a day and you practically never get full! (And you aren't considered 'unhealthy' because you eat a lot.)
-You like visitors just as much as the next hobbit. Everyone is friendly.
-Gandalf brings you fireworks.
-Parties are very homey but still a blast.
-Hairy feet. You never have to wear shoes!

-Life is exciting.
-Rangers of the north live twice as long as average humans.
-You don't have to worry about your magic backfiring. You have none!
-Gondor is freaking legendary.
-You don't have a petty feud between Mirkwood elves (*cough* Dwarves)
-Aragorn could be your king.
-There are many races of humans.
-You can see over counters.
-Bad ass sword skill.
-Eowyn, Eomer, Aragorn, Faramir, and more!

-You are more or less a big, talking, walking tree. What else do you want?
-C'mon, don't give me that look. That's pretty damn awesome.
-Treebeard is your leader.
-You can speak Entish.
-Your species has been around since the first age.
-You live for a very long time and you still look beautiful, even as you age. 
-Everyone fears you until they get to know you.
-Your species helped out Merry and Pippin.
-You chose if you want to go into the wars or not. No one is making you.
-Not many hate you.
-You're distantly related to Groot from 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

-You're giant.
-Gandalf is your best friend.
-You get to help the company AND the fellowship.
-You can fly.
-You can simply fly into mordor (okay maybe not, but I was dying to make that reference).
-You're super majestic.
-You are referred to as The Great Eagles.
-You are a guardian of nonspeaking animal life.

I will continue later with trolls, orcs, and dragons, but for now, bye!

Perks of being a fictional species supernatural style is here: http://nerdsfunny.blogspot.ca/2014/09/the-perks-of-being-fictional-series.html

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