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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The perks of being a fictional character: MOTHERFREAKING X-MEN

Hello nerds and Marvel geeks.
It's been a few days (or weeks) since I last updated, but last time I did a perks of being and now I'm doing another. Oh well. I'll do something new sometime. I have a new idea for a nerdsearch and numbers soon. 
Anyways, to the point. Over the weekend I had some spare time on my hands, and was milling around in my disc cupboard (so very old school) trying to find Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And I found a disc copy of X-Men: First Class. Now, if you know me, you'll know I'm obsessed with two things: Marvel and British actors. So this picked up right away. Needless to say, two days later it was Sunday and I had watched half of the entire X-Men franchise, and was very high on popcorn. So, for you Marvel nerds like me, I've made a list of what I think are the best mutant powers to have. 
Without further ado: 
Clara's super cool top 5 mutant powers list (which she totally wants to have) 
1. Element manipulation    Okay, basically I want to be Erik Lensherr. This would be the all-time best power to have. If you watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, you'll probably have already gotten the gist of what I'm saying. With only using your mind, you can bend, move, and use objects of a certain element at your will. Very useful for being lazy and using against your enemies. Downsides? None. 
2. Teleportation   Why? Because you can go anywhere, any time, without any warning. This is very useful in the real world. Don't want to take a test? Poof. Hate plane rides? No need for them, just teleport there. Stuck in the woods after dark? Hell no, poof yourself out of there. Of course, the only downside so far is that you look like the devil. Still a good skill to have. 
3. Shapeshifting    Heck yes. This is one of the powers on the better side, simply because you can look cool and look however you want. You can trick all your friends so good. You can impersonate your teacher and call off the test next Tuesday. Pretend to be Patrick Stump for a day. And the cosplay opportunities, oh god, the COSPLAY! The downside would only be that you could run into the real person you're intimidating, and be in some deep shit.
4. Mind interpretation    This is a cool one. If you ever watched Supernatural (not again), if you remember Andy Gallagher, that's what I'm getting at. If you have these powers, you can not only look into other people's minds and see what they're thinking, you can make people forget certain periods of time, see through other's eyes and make people change their mind. I don't really need to say that it can be useful all the time. The only downside I see would be hearing other people's thoughts 24/7. Even the weird ones. 
5. Regeneration    No, not like The Doctor. If I could count how many times I'd want to just miraculously heal, I'd take it. It'd work better for actual superheroes though. Getting shot or stabbed is no problem. Fall off a cliff or drown, you're good. Basically you can do parkour all day and not break a bone. The extreme downside in this case is that you will ultimately outlive anyone you become friends with, and never can you ever die. 

In case you were wondering, the other ones that came up for me were weather manipulation, laser eyes, flying and making portals. Those are good ones.
So, what mutant power would you want to have? Comment and tell me! 
See you around, 
Clara \\// 

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