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Sunday, 21 September 2014

The perks of being a fictional character: What's best about havingpowers

Hi nerds, Clara here. I was watching an old episode of Supernatural (It was all hell breaks loose p1, I'm addicted to season 2), and I found myself thinking "How cool would it be if I had special powers?" Then I started thinking about characters who already had special powers. So, I made up this list of the best powerful characters in every fandom:

Loki: MCU
-Has magnificent hair that is beautiful every day
-He can be in multiple places at once
-Is Elsa
-Did you even see that frost giant battle from Thor OMFG
-Somehow survives death multiple times (and falling through space) 
-Makes copies of himself 
-Has an eight-legged horse son 

Lord Voldemort: Harry Potter
-No nose
-Can make himself heard to hundreds to people at once
-Can rent out the back of your head
-Can get into people's minds (which is pretty cool)
-Splitting his soul I mean
-Just seems to take form in books

Azazel: Supernatural (I'm noticing a pattern of villains here....)
-Is a firebender
-Doesn't get held back by dumb stuff like holy water
-Inception powers (for nerds, it's dream interception) 
-Apparently his blood gives you special powers? 
-As a demon, he can change bodies if needed

The Doctor: Doctor Who (haha broke the chain)
-Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff
-Can regenerate if he gets killed
-Is a freaking time traveller I mean that's pretty cool
-Sonic screwdriver
-Has lots of different fashions
-Kidnaps women for a living
-The power of the bow tie

That's all I have for now. Lewis, any thoughts? Maybe you could add a Merlin one....
Bye sweetie
Clara \\//

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