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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Your Fandom!

I realized, all these posts are just things me, Clara, and Lewis decide we want to share with you, so I thought you should pick what we share with you. What do I mean?
I mean is you pick the fandom I make my next post on.

Here's what I will do.
On my desk top I have a folder called Fandom. Within that folder, there are pictures that are categorized into other folders based on the fandom the picture is about.
Here are some of the folders I have:
Adventure Time
Doctor Who
General Fandom Cr*p
Harry Potter
Tom Hiddleston (do not judge me)
House of Anubis (stawp judging)
Lord of The Rings/ Hobbit
Pirates of the Caribbean
Star Wars
Star Trek
Youtubers - subsection of Nerdfighteria

In the comments, tell me which of these fandoms you like, and the ones with the most comments, I will paste EVERYTHING in that folder into an article.

When commenting, it says, "who do you want to comment as". If you don't want to share your identity, note you can select anon. So go vote in the comments and nerd on!


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