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Monday, 11 August 2014

The She-Elf Tauriel: Why Twilight, Girls Rights, And The Tolkien Universe Are Taking Over The World

The other day I went to theatres to see 'Guardians of The Galaxy'. It is easily the best movie I have seen in a while... But today I am not going to talk about that. 

Before the movie started, there were many, many trailers for up and coming movies. The Maze Runner, If I stay, TMNT, and plenty more movies have been added to my list of 'must see's'. I was with my friend, Chiara, when something happened. The BOTFA trailer came on. For all you who don't know what BOTFA is, it is "The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies". When this trailer came on,  I honestly started shaking. I had seen it the day it came out on my computer, but at that moment I was seeing it on a huge screen with surround sound. I started quoting as well, and my friend Chiara started throwing popcorn at me to shut up. Now, before I continue my story, there is something you should know. I never cry at movies, books, or TV shows. I didn't cry reading TFIOS, nor watching it. I didn't cry at UP, or Marley and Me. I didn't cry at ET, or when *spoiler* Dobby, Dumbledore, Boromir, Sherlock, Fred, Augustus, or Snape died. I am not heartless, it's just something about it being fictional makes me love it ten times more, but cry ten times less. Let me tell you, when the BOTFA's trailer came on, I came to as close to tears as I did while reading TFIOS (The Fault in Our Stars). And you know why, because you know who dies, and if you don't, I'm not going to tell you. 

In honour of my lameness, I though I would write an article about The Hobbit movies, and one obvious thing about the movies is the addition of Tauriel, the superior she-elf, who Legolas likes.
Of course, being an elf, she has to be gorgeous, making it inevitable for the one attractive dwarf with acceptable facial hair to fall in love with her. And plot twist, she likes him back (why can't stuff like this happen in real life, I mean, ugh).
I'm talking about the young, reckless, normal facial haired Kili. (That wan an un-intentional reference to The Young and The Reckless.) Now, I'm not saying I don't like Dwarven facial hair. I mean Bombur is my favourite Dwarf purely on the fact he has a donut beard (and how awesome he is at killing Orcs while in a barrel).

Now, back to Tauriel. Her and Kili's relation ship seems good right? There's a problem though. Like I said before, Legolas likes her. (I am secretly so jealous that the two most attractive characters in the whole saga like the same person, I want to be her. Except we all know that her and Legolas don't end up together because Legolas is a free agent in LOTR and is obviously in love with Gimli...hehehehe.) As well, I find her and Kili's relationship a bit sudden. They just sort of talk for a bit and then they are in love? I think they need to get to know each other a bit better before they are risking their lives for each other.

So, there's another long triangle. Although they claim to add Tauriel in because 'girls can't watch a movie with an all male cast,' I think they were trying to add a love triangle. As a girl, watching a movie with a cast of bada** men slaying orcs and dragons for 3 hours straight doesn't sound bad. Honestly, it sounds awesome! If anything I would be more concerned that dudes wouldn't watch a movie of all men. Lord of The Rings to this day is still one of my favourites, and the entire fellowship is made up of men that slay orcs for 3 hours each movie.
Back to the theme of love triangles, they are everywhere! Ever since Twilight (barf), everything has had a love triangle.

For the record, I'm team Cato.
Why can't we learn from JK Rowling that a girl doesn't need to spend her life choosing between two guys, and that life is more complicated than a love triangle. The love in Harry Potter was, for the most part, not romantic, and even if it was, it was WAY more thought out than a triangle. And the love triangles were just a minor detail in the movies! I'm not saying the hobbit love triangle is tacky. I respect it because it is such a minor part of a movie and every movie needs a bit of love, all I'm saying is that girls, you don't need to have two guys fight over you to be important. Katniss, Bella, and Tauriel are not defined by the fact that two men both want to marry them. They are defined by their actions. The fact that Tauriel wants to help the dwarves even though both their cultures have a feud defines her as a person, and the fact that she puts her love life second to everything else that is going on. The fact that Bella is a stupid coward who thinks she needs a man to have worth, defines her. The fact that Katniss still finds time to figure out her love life while taking over the capitol defines her. They are NOT defined by their appeal to MEN.
(I just realized that this article is turning into a girls rights article.)

Speaking of girls rights, Tauriel is certainly a role model. She's just as powerful as the men, and she doesn't take no for an answer. When Thranduil tells her not to go after the dwarves, instead of listening to authority, she does what is right, which is something I truly aspire to. I also believe it is another reason for them to add Tauriel to the movies. LOTR was made a long time ago, so there wouldn't have been such an urge to add a strong female character, and although there are female characters, most the strong characters are in fact men. Now a days, there is a much greater need for strong female characters because girls rights are really important. Although they always have been important, they are just getting the attention they deserve now. Middle earth has always been a role model to this. In the elvish culture, women are not thought of as lesser. Dwarven women have beards just as mens do (this shows they are equals). Éowyn (female) is a stronger warrior than all the male hobbits put together, and when she finds out Aragorn isn't single, she doesn't sulk around, she gets over it in a heart beat. 

Overall, I apologize that my ideas where sort of all over the place today and I went of track, a lot. I hope you liked my article, and please comment what you think of Tauriel! 

That's all for now,
Nerd on,

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