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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Matt Smith Hashtags

Now, it's officially the end of Matt Smith on Doctor Who, so in his honour, I am going to make a list of Matt Smith Doctor Hashtags (tumblr tags):

#It's a fez
#I wear a fez now
#fez's are cool
#bow ties are cool
#the girl who waited
#a crack in the wall
#two parts of time and space that never should never have touched
#we've been running ever since
#melody pond as river song
#I am the doctor and you are the daleks
#fish fingers and custard
#beans are evil bad bad beans
#vincent van gogh
#rory the roman
#the impossible astronaut
#the pandorica opens
#the name of the doctor
#doctor who?
#the question
#the angels take manhattan


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