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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

SPN: The Demon Formula: Nerdsearch and numbers

Hello nerds and hunters and math geeks alike.
I would apologize for the amount of Supernatural I've been posting, but I'm not sorry. (Actually, I plan to post more other stuff, but this'll be the last for for a bit, I promise!) 
So, I recently read An Abundance Of Katherines by everyone's favourite author, John Green. Fugging excellent book. Anyways, Colin's love graph made me think about how other things are graph able as well. So, I tried to use something I know the numbers of. I took all the demons from Supernatural (that I know, only season 5 here) and broke down their personalities into three traits. Sass, slut and evil/motive. Here: an example.
Meg (season 1-8)
See, Meg's been around for a long time. I wouldn't exactly say her slut level's so high, but it's up there, so I'd say about 17%. Now, her sass is not as high as some of the others I'll put on, but as we've all noticed, it's pretty noticeable. Maybe 30%. Then, her evil/motive level outweighs the first two combined. With numbers, it's 53%. Now, this is just my estimates, but this'll be a good start. 
Now, to continue on, let's go back to the very start. 
Azazel (season 1-2) 
Okay, so with this one you don't have to look very hard. Today I basically has a season two rewatching marathon, and this guy's level of sass is hellbound. I mean, every. single. fugging. line. Just rewatch AHBL, you'll understand what I'm saying. His sass I would say is a 45%. Then, the evil/motive percentage outweighs that by about 5%. And it's incredibly obvious. It was the purpose of his entire existence, and I mean, important people died. So that's a 55%. His slut level: No. Just no. 
Next, let's take it to the next two seasons.
Ruby (season 3-4) 
So with Ruby, her three levels are basically spilt evenly in thirds (or as evenly as I can draw them, guys.)  So, with some help from Lewis, all three of her levels are 33.3%. The sass number is kinda part of her, both seasons but more shown in four. The slut level is there because basically, she got together with Sam just to get him part of her plan, and kept doing it, so there it is. And for the evil/motive level we'll count the fact that she tricked both Winchester's into thinking she was trustworthy just to release Lucifer. Maybe I should add a cleverness level. Hmm.....
Now onto another season four demon.
Alastair (season 4) 
For Alastair, the sass is more of annoying sass, but annoyance still counts, so the slurrer is up there with a sass level of I'll say 37%. Then for evil/motive, the whole fact that he's Hell's head torturer counts, and with the added bonus of bothering Dean when he had his time adds up, even though his existence had nothing to do with the plan/plot, it's still a level of 45%. Now, the slut thing: it just seems best that way. 18%. 
Now for another season four gal.
Lilith (season 3-4) 
Lilith is the First Demon, so she's got a mix of everything. Her sass level is at an all-time low for demons. She doesn't honestly have much in her, which is different than the other charts. But maybe they did things differently back in her day. 22%. So about the slut level. This doesn't include her in season three, because honestly, ew. But, in the monster at the end of this book, I quote: it'll take more than a kiss to make a deal with me. So there you have it. 31%. Then for the evil/motive. She broke almost all the seals, attempted to kill the Winchesters a number of times, and gruesomely killed everyone in Jus In Bello. It's a 47%. 
And now, a classic.
Crowley (season 5-present) 
Crowley is interesting. His sass level is just plain sass. And I get mainly all my knowledge about this guy from tumblr (season 5 girl). So I'd give it about a 30%. Then his slut level, ehm, ahem, erm, idk. But, Mark kinda does that thing with him though. So it's a 15%. His evil/motive isn't really that much, so I'd say it's a 15% as well. Then that leftover space is, well, I don't know what. But that's Crowley I guess. Call it whatever, but it's 40%. 
Now, I don't know anyone else yet, but I'll update it when I do. But a last one.
Dean (present) 
Eheh. But anyways, you can't really do much with this information, but it's cool to know. Some facts I've collected: The sass level is usually higher than the slut level, the evil/motive level is mostly either equal to or higher than the sass level. And slut levels are higher for girls than they are for boys. Hmmm..... 
But anyways, thanks for just reading this. I'll update it soon, maybe in a few weeks. 
Bitch. Jerk.
Clara \\//

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