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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Dramione? Nerdsearch and Numbers


  Hey! It's Lewis' friend who he was talking about the other day. I've written a few articles already, but I thought I should give myself a proper introduction, so, hi!

      So, I've been reading Clara's amazing fanficion: Fandom, and I was wondering, what was my first fandom? Immediately I thought of one fandom. Harry Potter. I was a fan of Harry Potter before I even knew what a ship was! Then I started thinking of Harry Potter ships. One in particular came to mind, which was Dramione. This ship always confused me, and I didn't really know my stand point was. So, I read a Dramione fan fiction (which if you would like to read, I posted the link at the bottom is this article). This confused me even further. Although it was very cute, it seemed a bit far from reality, and Draco seemed far too nice. I took my confusion and decided to ask some other potterheads. I started with my friend's Marlene and Chiara. Here were their standpoints:

Me: Hey guys, I am writing an article for nerds funny.blogspot.com and I need some thoughts on Dramione, so what's your standpoint?
Chiara: It sucks.
Me: Why?
Marlene: I feel like Draco might have liked her but I don't think she liked him back
Chiara: It wasn't meant to be that way. JK Rowling wanted Ron and Hermione not STUPID, EVIL DRACO.
*Note Chiara is a hard core ronmione shipper*
Me: I don't think he is evil... but thanks.
Marlene: I actually think it was fan pressure, and thats why she put Ron and Hermione together.
Chiara: I don't like him [Draco], and he's evil. And I'm doing things by the book.
Me: I think Harry Potter is amazing in every single way, but I wanted to learn more about Draco... Like was he really evil? What was his home dynamics like? Was he under pressure? I feel like the only way to find out more about him was for someone (not necessarily Hermione) were to bring him out of his shell a bit. He seemed to cover up so much.
Chiara: That's true, in the 6th book he was breaking down.
Chara: His dad was an ass though.
Me: His dad was a coward.
Marlene: I don't think he [Draco] was really evil, I just think he was raised that way.
Me: But his Mom really wanted to protect him, and I wonder if a bit of her was in Draco.
Marlene: I think a lot of her was in Draco
Chiara: Yes, it was in the way he was raised by his a-hole father.
Marlene: That's true, but scores (Scorpios and Rose) is a whole different story, it's basically canon, so many shippers.

I decided to get another point of view, so I texted Clara.
Me: I'm doing some research for nerds funny, could you answer some questions?
Clara: Of course
Me: What's your standpoint on Dramione?
Clara: It's okay, I guess it's not really canon and doesn't really have a chance, but it's not annoying.
Me: If it was canon would you accept it? Or do you prefer Ronmione?
Clara: I'd probably not accept it, since it's such ridiculous an idea.
Me: Okay last question, what about scorose? Scorpios and Rose.
Clara: Sure, that's a different story. I don't think Ron or Draco would really object because they don't want rivalry like that. Probably.
Me: Okay thanks!

So... overall what do YOU think of Dramione... or Scorose?
I always wanted to learn more about Draco so I feel if someone (it doesn't have to be Hermione) got to know him better, I wouldn't oppose to that. But Siriusly, I'm still confused, so please comment your standpoints!

Ps. I am sorry I didn't get a hard core Dramione shipper's point of view, I couldn't find one, but if you are one, please comment your standpoint and I might add it to the article.

The Fan Fiction:
It is a fan made story that was written before Deathly Hallows came out, so the people who died are different from who actually passes (For example, Remus and Lavender are still alive). Although not canon, I found it very believable. The way everyone was adapting after the battle was very interesting. It's very well written, and not inappropriate, so I suggest you give it a shot, and then tell me what you think of Dramione after!

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