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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Poor Canadians: Sherlock Season 3

      Hey Sherlockians. As you know, a completely unfair event has taken place at BBC. The UK got to see sherlock season 3 before anyone else. (I know, I know, stop crying). Gladly, I got to watch it so I am going to "review" it, without spoilers for you if you missed its Canadian premier or just want to see if you can decode any of my previews. 
      There are 3 episodes in this season.
     -The Empty Hearse
     -The Sign of Three
     -His Last Vow
      The Empty Hearse: 
      It features the return of everyones favourite crime solving sociopath, Sherlock Holmes. It's been 2 years and John has, well, moved on. He has a girl friend (future fiancé), he has moved out of Baker Street and isn't as pleased as you might think he would be when his best friend returns. This episode is hilarious, exhilarating, and a great first episode! 

      The Sign of Three:
      Introducing drunk Sherlock! You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mrs and Mr John Watson, and guess who is the best man? Mr High Functioning Sociopath. During his best man speech is able to unravel not 1, not 2, but 3 mysteries, keep us all on our toes and laughing out loud. This is another feel good (well as close to feel good as you can get with Sherlock, besides the high body count and weapons found in every episode) Sherlock episode, but don't worry! He's still the arrogant, show off, jerk face we all love.
      His Last Vow:
      You've seen arrogant Sherlock, you've seen sleepy Sherlock, you've see drunk Sherlock, and now you can see high Sherlock! In this episode you meet the new villain, Charles Augustus Magnussen. This episode is by far my favourite Sherlock episode I have ever seen, ever. Why you might ask. Well,  here is all I can tell you before I go completely insane and give away the whole thing.

      -Someone is not who you thought they are
      -Someone is a liar
      -Someone has a girlfriend
      -Someone is attracted to psychopaths
      -Someone else is #notdead
      Be prepared with a shock blanket.

Thank you!

As well: seen this before? I wrote it for archive bloggg and am now posting it here tooo

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