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Sunday, 12 January 2014

His Last Vow: spoiler talk

Hello nerds again.
If you have seen my last post, you will know I'm completely dead.
This is because of Sherlock. 
About a week ago, I saw his last vow on a live stream. And I got destroyed by it. Now, let us begin.
First of all, lets talk about Charles Magnussen. The villain of this episode. Personally, I didn't think he was that important to this episode besides providing the mystery for it. He had an pretty simple character, was easy to understand his motives and was downright creepy. Not so much evil, just creepy.
Second order of business, the Mycroft and Sherlock relationship.
I feel like in this season the brotherly idea of Sherlock and Mycroft was really big and important. This episode shows you a bit of their childhood and ideas of it. Kid sherlock was so cute!! Also his dog, redbeard. Connection to pirates: I think yes. Also the Christmas dinner with the Holmes family was all very sweet.
Third, we talk about Mary. 
This is a shocking matter, I myself can't believe it. I mean, Mary Morstan, the sweet girl who married John, an assassin? It just doesn't seem right. And her not actually being Mary at all? This is crazy. I wonder if John will stay with her in season 4, or if he will even trust her at all.
Fourth area, sherlock's girlfriend.
So in The Sign Of Three, Sherlock went to the wedding with one of Mary's bridesmaids, Jenine. But now she's his girlfriend? It seemed really intense for all of us, but it turned out he was just using her to get into Magnussen's office. He even went so far as to propose to her! We all thought it was impossible for Sherlock to actually get a girlfriend, but apparently we were wrong. And in that moment, we were all John. 
Fifth, sherlock's mind palace.
So now we got a glimpse into sherlock's mind palace, and it seemed interesting. Just the sequence in there shows who was important to him. And we found out who Redbeard was (his dog awwwwwwww). Also we saw what kid sherlock looked like. This scene needs baftas!
Last point, did you miss me?
Asdfghjkl. Moriarty. Is he really not dead? How did he survive shooting himself? Did no one actually die on the rooftop? Or is it just someone else toying with everything? (Moran?) I don't wanna wait to find out. 😩. Asdfghjkl.

So, that's it for now, I'll be back soon for more nerd stuff.
Keep calm and carry on,
Clara \\// 

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