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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

It's been 7 minutes

It's been seven minutes from my other post and well I am sure that you have taken thought past 7 minutes to watch the video I posted 7 minutes ago.

I loved the foreshadowing. The guy who looked like Remus Lupin who we all now assume is a new cop, the not full on sherlock but you can see his hair and jacket (and it doesn't take sherlock to deduct who that is...)
Also the video that said "I will be back soon" and how it just so happened to be played then.

ANDD The news paper that said the game is on... FORESHADOWING HIM RETURNING (and Ms Hudson).

OH MY GOD THE BEARDED GUY IS ANDERSON AFTER HE GOT FIRED FROM THE POLICE BECAUSE HE BECAME OBSESS WITH SHERLOCK AND STARTED A CLUB (that was shown in the other trailer where all the freaks in the deer stalkers that got texts saying sherlock was back)!





Merry Christmas

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