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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Wolverine: Canada's Only Superhero

I feel like Wolverine's latest movie hasn't been talked about on this blog a lot (if any). So here I shall tell you top five reasons my Wolverine is the sauciest lad:

1. He is Canadian
Not a lot of people have realized this, but yes Wolverine is canadian *proud*. This card in underplayed in my opinion, because Canadians have some good attributes. They are nice, well mannered, can cut down trees, have nice flannel and have titbits. Basically they are pretty damn cool

2. Ninja Claws
This man can eat steak without cutlery, enough said.

3. Facial Hair
The man knows how to style his facial hair. The envy of many.

4. He dislikes getting nude in public
As seen at the Japanese baths. I fully support this.

5. He survived a bomb and is in shield
'nought said

I shall add more when I wish- Goodbye

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