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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ranting on The New Doctor, other who related things...

Ranty Ranty Rant Rant Rant.

Okay so as you are know Matt Smith is no longer the doctor *crying in corner*, but never fear, and older lad has scooped up the role and is planning on being the twelfth doctor. Well, I am not exactly happy that Matt Smith is gone, we all know exactly what happens at the end of every season....

Whovians After Season Ends

Whovian: Gosh, I'll never like the new doctor, I am forever loyal to ... *insert David Tennant here*

Whovian: This new person will never play the role right, this is bollocks...

Whovians 4 episodes into new season

Whovian: Wow, he shows a whole perspective

Whovian: He's soooooooooo sssaauucy and the bowtie. THE BOWTIE PEOPLE. THE BOWTIE.

It basically is like this every couple of years. Also when Adric died, the poor child, those evil cybermen.... Why did the fifth doctor's season have to kill off my favourite character *celery*.

So I am for now keeping the tradition and hating on this new guy until he proves himself worthy of my prime time hangout popcorn celebration.

That is all.

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