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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Loki's Hair: The Truth Unravelled

Hair Analysis #1

Tom Hiddleston (also known as Loki, in the Thor film series) actually is very mysterious,  or at least his hair.

Tom Hiddleston is actually a blonde. I would like to just take a moment right now to tell off everyone who insults blondes (real blondes, that aren't stupid). Loki is blonde, basically blondes are gods.

If you have insulted blondes, btw we are gods people.

Ahem. Back to the article....

This was reveiled in a article with "Cineplex" (theatre/cinema chain in Canada).

Tom said "I have natural Celtic looks, I have sandy blonde hair and quite a ruddy complexion, and the makeup takes all the blood away.

Blonde hair people. Loki has spoken.

PS. I am blonde elitest, most definitely am 100 %.

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