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Friday, 8 November 2013

Geekview: Thor: The Dark World

Hello nerds and Thor fans
I told you guys I would do something non-Sherlock soon, so here it is! It's also been a really long time since I've done a Geekview, so, two birds with one stone, I guess.
Today I went to go see Thor: The dark world, and lemme tell you, even though I have never seen the original Thor movie, didn't know half the characters names, it. was. awesome. For those of you who haven't yet seen it, basically the summed-up plot is that there are these people called the dark elves, and some time ago they wanted to get this thing (whats it called, I forget) that could put all 9 worlds into darkness, so they tried to steal and use it, but the Asgardians  fought them and took it, and put it away where no one could find it. Then Thor's girlfriend accidentally found it and it took host in her body. the dark elves however, know that it's in her, and want it back, so Thor has to defeat them.
And yes, as you have been wondering, Thor does team up with Loki.
But the cool thing about that is that he is not that evil as he was was in previous Thor things (Avengers, the first Thor movie) but it was really cool how they did that together.
I really don't like to put out a lot of spoilers, so I won't really tell you any more if the plot of the story, you'll have to go see it yourself. It's really comedic and there are some good laughs mixed in there as always. What I like was that they know that this took place after the avengers, and they actually made that play to their strength. Like, references to the New York battle, how Thor was part of them and the other avengers (nice disguise changes, Loki). The way they did that was cool. Special effects, awesome as always.
One teeny weird thing I noticed, I don't think it's a bad thing, it might just be me, but I felt it similar to Star Trek Into Darkness. Not the plot, but a few elements, such as ships attacking and killing people, a whole "didn't die" thing, but I just found that.
So, my total review: go see it. It's a bit confusing if you haven't seen the first movie, but you'll catch on.
So that's my Geekview, and I hoped you liked it. Comment if you have anything to say about the movie!
No rush,
Clara \\//

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