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Saturday, 2 November 2013

A little season 3 song

Hello nerds. This is Clara again. I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I'm doing a lot of Sherlock stuff, but I'm back now, and I came with a song.
The story behind this is that me and Lewis keep singing about season 3 of Sherlock for some odd reason, and it always comes to the tune of Senior Year from AVPSY. So, I finally decided to write the full version of it. Hint: if you don't know how Senior Year goes, you should probably YouTube it first.
Season 3 (to the tune of senior year)
Looking back at reichenbach, for the 100th time.
What is the clue, I'm so confused, tell me, Moffat, why!!
But I know I'm excited, of what the future is for the show
Because now that Sherlock's alive, we really gotta know.............how.
Well it's a little far away
But we'll be watching on that day
Tell me fandom, can't you hear
It's gonna happen this year.
Season 3 will finally appear!
All right!
I never thought that we would make it this far, but we made it, they're finally back.
Sherlock's invincible,  he's supercharged
We're excited, that's for sure
We feel on top of the world!
We got a brand new villain now, I don't know why or how. (Please bring Jim back)
3 fresh new episodes, each one with a different case. (Deduction time)
Just so you know, John has a moustache now, and it's really totally awesome (he's just so cute)
Cause it's the very best of BBC, and this is gonna be the very best year!
It's a new Sherlock season 3
Season 3
I just can't wait anymore!
Season 3
Season 3
Hope it's better than before!
The last time we watched it,
Two of the best people died, the whole fandom cried.
But in the last minute,
Sherlock was standing tall, he survived the fall.
The credits rolled and,
We were left to wait, so save the date for
Season 3!

See you on the rewind,
Clara \\//

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