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Thursday, 28 November 2013







Wednesday, 20 November 2013

.999... Repeated

Introduction to the Arguments
There are two kinds of people in the world: wedgys and residue folk. They are divided buy their beleif on the value of the repeating decimal .999... (when I write "dot dot dot" it indicates the infinite number, as I am yet to figure out how to make the repeating sign). The arguments are wether .999.. equals 1 or not. This of course is pretty much split halfway, although I personally go with logic and say .999.. does equal 1.

Wedgys believe that .999... does indeed equal 1. It is because with .999.. you cannot get it to one. This means through theorem that if two numbers have no difference or something wedged between them, they must be the same number. Thus .999... is 1. The reasons you ask? Here you go:

  is .333...
We know this because when you divide 10 by 3, 1 by 0.3, 100 by 30, you get .333...
Now the exciting part where I prove this...
Now we know that 3x3 is 9, so .333..x3 is .999...
and that means that because .333... is 1/3, and .333.. x 3 is .999..., and 1/3 times 3 = 1 whole, that .999.. is 3/3 or one whole, so 1.
Impecable logic if you ask me.

Residue believe that with .999... there is still a small amount of numbers, number residue if you will, that is keeping .999... from being 1. Some say that because .999...+.999.. is 1.888... that plus .222.. it will be 2. This is flawed (thank you for spirit of math for teaching me this). .999... plus .999.. is actually 1.999...
The nines never end.. duh duh duh
They feel that there is a small number that can fit between 1 and .999...
Sadly, most mathematicians are wedgys so there is not a lot to back up residue theorem.
But if you have any ideas please comment.

Before you leave comment if you are a wedgy or a residue. Bonus points for providing points to back up residue theorem! Also if you want more math talks please do say so.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Sherlockians, this is a great day. You know why?
Drumroll please.......
There is only two months until the North American release of Sherlock season 3!
*throws books up in the air* *jumps up and down* *dances wildly and akwardly* 
We've been waiting so long for this and now it's finally going to happen! We've survived 2 years! 
So, what do you hope that they include in season 3? And how did Sherlock survive? How should he tell John he's alive? Tell me in the comments! 
I know I'll be keeping track of the days until the new season. Will you?
Always dance,
Clara \\//

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Sorry this is beautiful.

Wolverine: Canada's Only Superhero

I feel like Wolverine's latest movie hasn't been talked about on this blog a lot (if any). So here I shall tell you top five reasons my Wolverine is the sauciest lad:

1. He is Canadian
Not a lot of people have realized this, but yes Wolverine is canadian *proud*. This card in underplayed in my opinion, because Canadians have some good attributes. They are nice, well mannered, can cut down trees, have nice flannel and have titbits. Basically they are pretty damn cool

2. Ninja Claws
This man can eat steak without cutlery, enough said.

3. Facial Hair
The man knows how to style his facial hair. The envy of many.

4. He dislikes getting nude in public
As seen at the Japanese baths. I fully support this.

5. He survived a bomb and is in shield
'nought said

I shall add more when I wish- Goodbye

Loki's Hair: The Truth Unravelled

Hair Analysis #1

Tom Hiddleston (also known as Loki, in the Thor film series) actually is very mysterious,  or at least his hair.

Tom Hiddleston is actually a blonde. I would like to just take a moment right now to tell off everyone who insults blondes (real blondes, that aren't stupid). Loki is blonde, basically blondes are gods.

If you have insulted blondes, btw we are gods people.

Ahem. Back to the article....

This was reveiled in a article with "Cineplex" (theatre/cinema chain in Canada).

Tom said "I have natural Celtic looks, I have sandy blonde hair and quite a ruddy complexion, and the makeup takes all the blood away.

Blonde hair people. Loki has spoken.

PS. I am blonde elitest, most definitely am 100 %.

Ranting on The New Doctor, other who related things...

Ranty Ranty Rant Rant Rant.

Okay so as you are know Matt Smith is no longer the doctor *crying in corner*, but never fear, and older lad has scooped up the role and is planning on being the twelfth doctor. Well, I am not exactly happy that Matt Smith is gone, we all know exactly what happens at the end of every season....

Whovians After Season Ends

Whovian: Gosh, I'll never like the new doctor, I am forever loyal to ... *insert David Tennant here*

Whovian: This new person will never play the role right, this is bollocks...

Whovians 4 episodes into new season

Whovian: Wow, he shows a whole perspective

Whovian: He's soooooooooo sssaauucy and the bowtie. THE BOWTIE PEOPLE. THE BOWTIE.

It basically is like this every couple of years. Also when Adric died, the poor child, those evil cybermen.... Why did the fifth doctor's season have to kill off my favourite character *celery*.

So I am for now keeping the tradition and hating on this new guy until he proves himself worthy of my prime time hangout popcorn celebration.

That is all.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Geekview: Thor: The Dark World

Hello nerds and Thor fans
I told you guys I would do something non-Sherlock soon, so here it is! It's also been a really long time since I've done a Geekview, so, two birds with one stone, I guess.
Today I went to go see Thor: The dark world, and lemme tell you, even though I have never seen the original Thor movie, didn't know half the characters names, it. was. awesome. For those of you who haven't yet seen it, basically the summed-up plot is that there are these people called the dark elves, and some time ago they wanted to get this thing (whats it called, I forget) that could put all 9 worlds into darkness, so they tried to steal and use it, but the Asgardians  fought them and took it, and put it away where no one could find it. Then Thor's girlfriend accidentally found it and it took host in her body. the dark elves however, know that it's in her, and want it back, so Thor has to defeat them.
And yes, as you have been wondering, Thor does team up with Loki.
But the cool thing about that is that he is not that evil as he was was in previous Thor things (Avengers, the first Thor movie) but it was really cool how they did that together.
I really don't like to put out a lot of spoilers, so I won't really tell you any more if the plot of the story, you'll have to go see it yourself. It's really comedic and there are some good laughs mixed in there as always. What I like was that they know that this took place after the avengers, and they actually made that play to their strength. Like, references to the New York battle, how Thor was part of them and the other avengers (nice disguise changes, Loki). The way they did that was cool. Special effects, awesome as always.
One teeny weird thing I noticed, I don't think it's a bad thing, it might just be me, but I felt it similar to Star Trek Into Darkness. Not the plot, but a few elements, such as ships attacking and killing people, a whole "didn't die" thing, but I just found that.
So, my total review: go see it. It's a bit confusing if you haven't seen the first movie, but you'll catch on.
So that's my Geekview, and I hoped you liked it. Comment if you have anything to say about the movie!
No rush,
Clara \\//

Saturday, 2 November 2013

A little season 3 song

Hello nerds. This is Clara again. I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I'm doing a lot of Sherlock stuff, but I'm back now, and I came with a song.
The story behind this is that me and Lewis keep singing about season 3 of Sherlock for some odd reason, and it always comes to the tune of Senior Year from AVPSY. So, I finally decided to write the full version of it. Hint: if you don't know how Senior Year goes, you should probably YouTube it first.
Season 3 (to the tune of senior year)
Looking back at reichenbach, for the 100th time.
What is the clue, I'm so confused, tell me, Moffat, why!!
But I know I'm excited, of what the future is for the show
Because now that Sherlock's alive, we really gotta know.............how.
Well it's a little far away
But we'll be watching on that day
Tell me fandom, can't you hear
It's gonna happen this year.
Season 3 will finally appear!
All right!
I never thought that we would make it this far, but we made it, they're finally back.
Sherlock's invincible,  he's supercharged
We're excited, that's for sure
We feel on top of the world!
We got a brand new villain now, I don't know why or how. (Please bring Jim back)
3 fresh new episodes, each one with a different case. (Deduction time)
Just so you know, John has a moustache now, and it's really totally awesome (he's just so cute)
Cause it's the very best of BBC, and this is gonna be the very best year!
It's a new Sherlock season 3
Season 3
I just can't wait anymore!
Season 3
Season 3
Hope it's better than before!
The last time we watched it,
Two of the best people died, the whole fandom cried.
But in the last minute,
Sherlock was standing tall, he survived the fall.
The credits rolled and,
We were left to wait, so save the date for
Season 3!

See you on the rewind,
Clara \\//