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Friday, 20 September 2013

Chekov Fans, this is important.

Hello fellow Trekkies (or Trekkers, whichever you prefer.)
I have an important announcement.
Do you love Pavel Chekov? Do you know people who do? Do you know everything about him?
You belong in the Chekovfanz club.
This is an in fandom-fandom, dedicated to our favourite Russian whiz kid. 
It's also a group on DeviantART, if you have an account, so you can join that too.
I personally really like this idea. :)
Rule is: you have to have equal love for every portrayal of Chekov, including the original series, the reboots and mirror mirror. (Yes, because who doesn't love a little badassery sometime?)
Another rule is: NO REBOOT HATERS! (C'mon, I love the original series and the reboot, you can learn to love both)
If you have interest in this, just comment and tell me! 

Live long and prosper
Clara \\//

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