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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sherlock BBC: Season 3 Predictions

EEEK! So excited for BBC's Sherlock season 3. For all you who are not as on top of finding every piece of informations as you could as it comes out, as I was, here is the trailer:

Hat man and Robin are back!
I wanted to share with you a prediction with you.

Irene Adler said to Sherlock "I'm not dead, lets have dinner"

I thought it would be really cute and smart if Sherlock sent her that same text once he reveals he is alive to his friends (and Irene), or maybe use the ringtone she gave him when he walks into 221B

I also think he might have to kill the assassin's that tried to kill his friends. (For personal fun and so they don't kill his friends). Maybe, Moriarty's death called them off, maybe Sherlock's death called them off, but we all know Sherlock would be happy to give some old fashion revenge.

That's it for now. Comment your predictions.


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