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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pottermore (and AVPM)

Hello fellow nerds! I just thought I might let you guys know about some things me and Lewis like to laugh about and use. First up is Pottermore!
Ok, so I know this is strange because most of the world knows what Pottermore is. But, for new Potterheads sake, I will explain. Pottermore is a really cool Harry Potter website created by JK Rowling herself. It allows fans to get a better understanding of the HP world. There is exclusive content, where JK explains her characters, creations and stories. You can be sorted into a house (I'm a Hufflepuff), duel with other wizards, make potions and earn house points. There will be a house cup awarded! It's still in progress, but the last few chapters of Prisoner of Azkaban just came out, so the Goblet of Fire is probably in progress! (Potter happy dance!)
Next up is A Very Potter Musical!
A Very Potter Musical (AVPM), is a Harry Potter musical done by the totally awesome Team Starkid. It's got a lot of songs, jokes and snacks. Spoilers for Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows though. Plus, they made two more musicals. A very potter sequel and a very potter senior year. I persuaded Lewis to watch it, and we both FIND it interesting. Plus if you love red vines, watch AVPS. Check it out on Youtube and subscribe to team starkid! (I know I did)
So, that's really all I have to say. If you nerds have any questions comment below.

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