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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Geekview: Star Trek Into Darkness

Hello, today I will be reviewing the awesome movie Star Trek Into Darkness. So, shall we begin?
As a fan of Star Trek, yet not knowing anything about TOS, I thought this movie was excellent. The plot was good, the characters were well-developed and I was on the edge of my seat. However, every movie has its pros and cons. What I didn't like about this movie was that the ending was a little too fast. It was like, okay we can't kill Kahn, we need it for Kirk, lets freeze him again, the end. Just saying, a bit too abrupt for me. And, as always, the famous J.J Abrams lens flares. (Goddamit.) so, lets talk about these characters. The whole Kirk and Spock relationship was still sort of developing at the beginning of the movie, for example Kirk was mad 'cus Spock sold him out about violating the Prime Directive in the first 10 minutes, but in the end, they are still friends and you really come to see this during the whole last half hour or so.  It does take place before most of the other movies and was helpful to have  trekkie background informations but not necessary. Moving on. So now, lets talk about this villain of ours. As you Trekkies know originally Ricardo Montalban played Kahn in Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Kahn. And meaning Kahn was originally a man of colour. But, saying, Benedict Cumberbatch as Kahn was AMAZING. You may say you like the original one, but one does not simply chill when Kahn speaks. The whole story they had going on around him was well built and I could understand his backstory (unlike some other movies). In total, Benedict Cumberbatch rocked as Kahn, and Kahn was kickass awesome.
Overall, my verdict on Star Trek Into Darkness is: Epic Win. You NEED to see this movie, Trekkie or not.
So, that's my geekview on it, and just for fun I have some links so you can see other people's review on this kickass movie.


If you are having trouble, go onto youtube and search Star Trek into darkness review.

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